Dental implantation

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Dental implantation

Part 1: "Benefits of Dental Implants"

Dental implants provide a number of significant benefits. They provide stability, functionality and aesthetics, creating an incredibly natural look and feel. Implants prevent bone loss by preserving facial structure and supporting adjacent teeth.

Part 2: "Stages of Dental Implantation"

Consultation and Planning:
At the first stage, the doctor conducts a detailed consultation, assesses the condition of the teeth and bone tissue. An individualized treatment plan is then developed that takes into account the patient's needs and expectations.

Surgical Procedure:
The surgical stage includes installation of an implant into the bone tissue. The doctor uses high-precision techniques, such as surgical navigation systems, for precision and minimal impact on surrounding tissue.

Period of Osseointegration:
After installation of the implant, a period of osseointegration begins, during which the implant integrates with the bone tissue, providing reliable support.

Installation of Restoration:
Once the osseointegration process is complete, a restoration (crown, bridge or prosthesis) is placed, giving the smile a natural appearance and functionality.

Part 3: "Innovations in Dental Implantation"

Use of CAD/CAM Technologies:
The design and manufacture of restorations using CAD/CAM technologies ensures high precision and personalization. This allows restorations to be created that are completely tailored to the patient's anatomy.

Application of 3D Printing:

3D printing is used to create accurate models of teeth and bone tissue, which improves planning and predicting the outcome of dental implantation.

New Generation Biomaterials:

The use of modern biomaterials ensures maximum compatibility with the body, reduces the risk of rejection and promotes rapid healing.

Part 4: "Caring for Dental Implants"

Caring for dental implants includes regular visits to the dentist, good oral hygiene, and following your doctor's recommendations. This ensures durability and stability of the results of dental implantation for many years.


Dental implantation at Smile-Doctor is not just the restoration of a lost tooth, it is the return of confidence in a smile and the joy of a full life. Trust us to help you through this important phase of your dental journey.